• Organic, unprocessed and locally sourced baby food - delivered to your door.

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Hi, I'm Jordan 

We've got your back Mumma!

Mummas take on many roles and as much as we find ourselves in this journey of motherhood, we also lose ourselves. Our mission is to help women feel empowered by educating our community as well as providing nutritious, wholesome and organic purees for your bébé! To free up your time and to give you the confidence that you are giving them the best start in life and freedom to dedicate to self-care. Our products are nutritionist approved, all-organic and with ethical and sustainable farming taken into consideration.

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Do you know a Mumma who is expecting? Shower her with a subscription pack for when her bub is ready for their solids journey. She will love you forever!


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If you have any questions or queries feel free to connect with us on Instagram: @bebe.batch.

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