Boob to Food x Bébé Batch

Luka Loves Bébé Batch....and we love Luka! 
The powerhouse Mama, that needs no introduction - Luka McCabe,  founder of Boob to Food, the platform informing and empowering mothers with an innovative and holistic approach to nutrition, namely infants & children. 

Not only is she a Mama to 3 beautiful bébés, Luka is a registered nurse & midwife, birth and parenting educator as well as a certified nutrition consultant (superwoman, right?!) so it is no surprise that her platform Boob to Food has a cult following. 
Luka Says: 
"My passion lies with nutrition for mothers and children, as I truely believe if we set up good foundations at an early age we will avoid bad habits later in life - and in turn hopefully avoiding the many preventable diseases now prevalent in our society. I also believe that if a mother models healthy eating habits that the children will want to follow suit.
I hope to inspire you to think differently about food, to think about what benefits it can have to your body and to feel the best that you can feel."
Along with her platform of insightful information, tips and recommendations, Luka recently released her first book entitled 'Milk to Meals' which is a guide that is an extension of her platform, filled with incredible information and recipes inspiring families to nourish and nurture themselves and the Bébé's journey to food. 
"My hope is that it {the book} gives you confidence and comfort to begin you and your baby's journey to solid foods in a way that is fun, easy and nourishing" 
It's no secret we are completely obsessed with Luka & her work. Milk to Meals is one of the most loved books in our house, right up there with Hairy Maclary & The Wonky Donkey!
I can definitely say that upon discovering Boob to Food when I had my son is what catapulted the dream and now reality of Bébé Batch - the desire to want to be able to support families through organic nourishment for their babies, and consequently contribute to a healthier generation. Nourishing  Bébé's made easy, delivering  convenience, without the compromise of quality. 
It is fair to say that both Luka & I have connected over the love of babies & their nourishment needs, so it was only right that the next step be reviewing our SUMMER SELECTION together and pick out the favourites! 
Our recipes are steeped in the ideal of organic nourishment and provide families with peace of mind that their bébés are being beautifully nourished with carefully curated & meticulously made meals, wrapped up in love. 
So Luka, which are you favourite batches? 
"I think I’d have to choose the liver one won’t I ;) and the lamb? Or salmon? Honestly all of them haha. I love seeing the healthy fats and liver and broth!"
From one Liver-lovin' Mama to another, I have to agree with Luka that it's up there with one of my favourites of the range! If not for the incredible nourishment it brings your bébés or just  the pure fact that I've taken away the task of sourcing, prepping cooking and preparing liver for you! If you've done it before, you would know it's not the most glamorous task in the kitchen so....I got you Mama!  We want to take a portion of those day-to-day stresses away by delivering nutrient dense, organic and wholesome meals that will contribute to your bébé's development & essential intake.
Love,  Jordan xx