Doula Discussions with Hollie Nuske

"A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth"
I think it goes without saying that the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey, is exactly that....a JOURNEY. One that unequivocally requires a myriad of  support from a range of people & places. 
Speaking from personal experience, I truly wish I was more educated and better equipped when it came to understanding what pregnancy and particularly birth could bring. I was loved on deeply by my incredible husband and Mum and supported to the best of their ability, however for future pregnancies I will empower myself with the tools and information from a birth specific support person - a DOULA to be exact!
We recently had the privilege to catch up with Hollie, from Nurtured Birth Club, get to know her a little more and what to expect when engaging a doula to support you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. 
Hey Hol, Tell us a little about yourself
~ I am a wife to my high school lover of now 18 years. A Mama to our two babies, soon to be three. I work full time as a buyer for Kidswear and have recently been spending my Saturdays being trained by the magic that is Meaghan Amore at the Becoming A Doula course. Any other time is spent at the beach in the sunshine with my family, having friends over and delicious cook ups shared together.
What is a Doula? And how does it differ from a Midwife?
~ A Doula is trained and certified to support birthing Mamas. We are non-medically trained professionals working in the birth space alongside woman. A Doula is there to nurture, support and advocate for the woman giving continuous care. A doula can offer pre and post natal care along with birth support. Doulas offer emotional, physical and knowledgeable resources and support.
Why did you decide to become a Doula?
~ This is a venture I feel deep in my soul. To offer support, guidance and hold space for the birthing Mama and couple.
The birth of my first baby was beautiful. We were filled with so much knowledge around birth and were so beautifully supported by our birth team. It was after this that I felt so strongly that all women should have the knowledge and support they so deserve, no matter how they are choosing to birth. Early last year we heartbreakingly had a miscarriage of what would have been our third beautiful babe. The grief I felt tunnelled my vision and drove my passion deep in my soul to this venture like never before.
When engaging a doula what's covered in your fee?
~ A Doulas fee will cover all of the support they offer, which may vary from each Doula or be altered to suit the Mamas wants. Generally it covers 2-4 pre natal visits, the on call and birth period and then 2-4 post natal visits.

Do you attend both hospital & home births, or just one exclusively?
~ Personally, at this stage I am attending hospital and home births. Some Doulas will chose to support in only one birth space or the other but as just like myself, there are Doulas who offer their support in both spaces.
How far along the pregnancy does your support start? Do you have home visits prior to the birth or offer additional services?
~ Generally the support would start at around 24 weeks and we will have in home visits. Contact may of been made prior to this and we would have an initial meeting to see if we both align. If the Mama is wanting more support than 2 visits from 24 weeks this can always be discussed.

How important do you believe nutrition and external factors are when pregnant and postpartum?
~ Nutrition plays such a big part, and is so, so important. This helps support the Mama, and baby in so many ways. It is definitely an area I personally want to delve into further myself. I would love to have a network in this space to refer my Mamas to the best nutrition support. [I think I can help you with that, Hol ;) ]
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, and delve a little further into what a doula does and how they can support. If you are wanting to engage a doula and you are on the Gold Coast/Northern Rivers be sure to get into contact with Hollie. 
All my love to you Mamas, 
Jordan x